A photo every day for 2012


Day 88 Strawberry Salad

I’m struggling with this blog! I’m falling behind too often and my work is getting busier….so I don’t know how much longer it will last. But here’s my yummy strawberry salad for lunch.


Day 87 “Daw”

I love his eyes! Another picture on the deck. We’re spending LOTS of time out there these days. Love it! He looks down at the dogs and says “daw”

Day 86 Daddy Mows

Watching Daddy mow the grass. He got to take his first short ride on the lawn mower, too!

Day 85 True Love

From a great engagement session today at Big Ridge State Park!

Day 84 Happy 21st Birthday Tyler!

We cooked an awesome meal and celebrated my brother-in-law’s 21st Birthday with these “strawberry pillows” from the Fresh Market. They were sooo good!!

Day 83 Herb Growin’ Time

My rosemary was the only one that survived the winter, so I planted my new ones today. Chives, Oregano (never tried this one) and Parsley. Having these on the patio inspires me to look for recipes that use them. I probably use Rosemary the most. By the way, I made the most awesome rub for a pork tenderloin from a recipe in Tennessee Home & Farm magazine. You should definitely try it. It has been a hit at two dinner parties now. I used dried thyme instead of fresh. Dried herbs are more potent so use less if it calls for fresh and you use dried instead.

Day 82 First Bubble Bath

He has been wanting to climb out of the tub lately, and tonight, I tried bubble bath. It worked! I always forget to take pics of lil guy in the bathtub for some reason. Glad I got some cute ones tonight!