A photo every day for 2012


Days 95 to 365

I’m still going to post a picture everyday, just not here. I’m going to start using Instagram, so I can do it from my phone. As Spring has arrived, I just don’t have time anymore to try to get a picture with my good camera, get it edited, and posted on a daily basis. Here is my new site: http://web.stagram.com/n/amy9332/ Bear with me! Thanks to those who enjoy this blog.


Day 94 Haha

Grayson was digging through our photo booth props while I got on Facebook for a few minutes. I let him get into whatever as long as he is quiet…haha. Found a cute hat.

Day 93 Strawberry Shortcake

My first crack at homemade strawberry shortcake. It was pretty good, I thought! Although I am the weirdo who prefers non-chocolate desserts.

Day 92 Fruit Cube

Sunday afternoon we went to our friends’ house on the lake for a cookout. While it stormed all over Knoxville, we sat in the sunshine in Kingston with a yummy cocktail. Our friends had a neat extra large ice cube tray and had frozen cranberry cubes.

Day 91 1 Egg

They wouldn’t let parents beyond the ropes, so Grayson only got 1 egg!

Day 90 Rock n Roll

We shot the KAPA Boot Scootin’ Ball tonight and it was super fun. I was jealous of the line dancers. I love trying to get cool photos of bands. I don’t always manage to get the light right but it’s fun to try.

Day 89 Coin Toss

Grayson’s first time throwing money in at the mall. He liked dropping them instead of throwing.