A photo every day for 2012

Day 66 What’s the deal?

So, what’s the deal with this? I saw everyone on Facebook doing it, and assumed it was some hoax or trick. I decided I would try it…and I was embarrassed as I picked up the broom to do it. I just knew it would fall and I would look like an idiot (even if I was alone). It stood!! It stood and I couldn’t believe it! Why? I decided to get online to try to find some research. Some people say it has something to do with the lining up of the planets, and then others say that is completely bogus. I couldn’t find any actual information on this except for peoples’ personal blogs. One blog said that brooms will stand like this all the time. That’s probably the case, but why have I never thought to try it? 😉 So strange! Ignore the dirty window. See Day 41 for an explanation of that.


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